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Relatable Characters

As writers form a script for an upcoming film, they think long and hard about the characters they create. They usually try to create a main character who is somewhat relatable so that audience members will stay engaged with that character’s story. Without being relatable, the character is just mysterious and even unrealistic.

Hiring a Cast

When potential cast members audition for a part in a film, they will read through the film script. The script can give them a good idea of what type of character they would play and whether the film sends a message that they agree with.

Director Clapping The Clapper Board
View of the Star wars movie set in the Sahara desert of Tunisia,Africa

Location is everything when it comes to filming a movie. The wrong location could give a movie an unrealistic tone. As filmmakers select locations for filming, they consider lighting, weather, permission to use the location, the cost of filming there, and how much space the location has for filming equipment.

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